Connect With Talent Instantly Using Text Message

Text recruitment & applicant tracking software

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The fastest way to engage job candidates

Text recruitment is an effective strategy to get ahead of job market competition and engage talent fast.


81% of the American population owns a smart phone


People check their phones about 47 times per day


78% of millennials & 57% of baby boomers use their mobile device to search for jobs

With text recruiting software & applicant tracking, you can:


Connect with talent using a local private phone number.


Send interview invites based on personal or team calendar availability.


Send personalized mass-texts to candidates at the job level.


Ensured privacy and mobile-usage data transparency.

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"ATS OnDemand is an overall outstanding product. The system and customer service are excellent and make our hiring and recruiting challenges easier and more manageable. I could not survive without ATS Ondemand and I highly recommend to any employer and all HR professionals."

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